Welcome Casper!


So the day has FINALLY come! Our brand-new Casper bed arrived today, a day early! I can’t express how excited we were to see this on our porch!


We immediately raced to our bedroom to evict our terrible back-breaking old mattress.


We had a pile of stuff under our bed, unbeknownst to us, plus we discovered a broke slat–boo! After removing the pile of toys and random stuff and fixing the slat, we were good to go.



It was so fun to liberate the bed from it’s box.


Look at how pretty she is! We were so nervous about this whole purchase but really felt confident in giving Casper a shot after doing some research.

We were so discouraged after a few trips to brick and mortar furniture shops, and I was hoping there could be a better way. Casper definitely made purchasing our new bed easy, and it was delivered a day earlier than expected. The whole transaction and delivery took less than a week.

The idea of sitting on a mattress for five minutes with a pushy salesman (and they were ALL pushy) staring at us, then dropping thousands of dollars was daunting. We kept thinking ‘well, we can save up…’ but then I went home and read reviews on our favorite mattresses and there were so many bad ones.

Lots of people saying how much they regretted spending so much money on a mattress that off-gassed, developed ridges and bumps, made them uncomfortably hot while they slept, made sex impossible….YES–many of the beds we were considering are apparently NOT easy to have sex on. I couldn’t imagine reading that then returning to the store to either open a line of credit that I would be paying on for years or plunking down a big chunk of our savings account.

I was so happy to have discovered the Casper bed–it was affordable for us and it had every single desirable feature we could hope for: made in the US, no chemical flame retardants, a unique allergen-free latex foam/memory foam design, (according to reviews) enough bounce to keep my marriage from being sex-free, plus free shipping and quick delivery. I had a great month at work and so we took the plunge.

The feel of the mattress was great, right out of the box and there was NO off-gassing. I realized after a few minutes that there was no noticeable smell associated with the bed, at all. I could detect a faint scent of something that smelled ‘new’–a bit like starch on a new shirt or white Elmer’s glue–very mild and hardly noticeable. That’s IT.

Tonight is our first night sleeping on our new bed. Lounging has felt amazing, so I’m hoping sleeping will be the same. I was so nervous feeling the bed for the first time, but it was perfect. soft yet supportive. I’ll be sure to update after we sleep on it for a few days!

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