Baked Sunday Mornings: Sweet & Spicy


I can’t fully express how much I loved the Gingersnaps with Lemon Sugar. I was totally ambivalent about making them and had zero expectations, and was beyond surprised at how delicious they turned out.


I was really pleased at how quick the cookies came together, and how little mess they made.




I weighed the ingredients and baked the cookies for about 14 minutes. They were perfectly uniformly soft when warm and crisp-chewy the next day. I almost ate all of these single-handedly, and will absolutely make these again.


I didn’t make our first recipe in this book, Election Palmiers and so I decided to catch up and make them this week.





It was so fun to make these and I got to use my new pastry mat for the first time which was great. I was worried about the cayenne, I don’t love spicy foods, but I decided to trust the recipe and go for it. I did cut it back by 1/4 tsp. but that’s it.

My cookies were not the most even–some were way thicker than others and my rolling technique was not on point, but the issue I had was the lip-tingling burn I felt when I bit into them. I don’t normally get angry at cookies but I was kind of annoyed at this one. I’m so glad I made them and gave elephant ears a shot, but I will not be making these again.

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Next up: Toffee Coffee Cake Surprise– I can’t wait to try this one!

My Birthday!

December is a busy month for us–my birthday, winter break, Christmas, New Year’s Eve….lots of chances for spending time with family, lots of yummy food and bubbly drinking. I had a great time this year, I’m so thankful for everyone in my life.
























Baked Sunday Mornings: Going Rogue


I wanted so badly to make this week’s recipe: Wintermint Cake. I bought all of the ingredients, but life got in the way. Friday was my birthday and I really should have known that if I didn’t make it before Thursday it wasn’t going to happen. I’m still bummed and so are my kids, who LOVE chocolate and mint together.

I have to admit: I don’t usually like mint and chocolate together. But guess what I LOVE together? Chocolate and peanut butter. When I was invited to my first cookie swap of the season that one was a no-brainer. They turned out perfectly, even though I was worried they were going to spread out they baked up beautifully.

My mom baked these a lot when I was a kid so I loved the nostalgia factor as well.

My friend has a cool embroidery machine so I asked her to make myself and my mother in law a couple of presents:



Of course I got mine dirty already 😉 Even my cute aprons are put to work in my kitchen!

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Next Up: Hair of the Dog Cake!

Baked Sunday Mornings: Date Squares


I can’t say I was excited about this recipe. I think the name reminded me of my least favorite Baked recipe, Bale Bars. But, cookies are my favorite thing to make and this recipe sounded like a breeze.


They were super easy to put together, and the only dates I found at my local store were already chopped into small pieces, making things go even quicker.

I had two small issues: the first was that my crumb mixture was too dry. It really did need more butter and I considered adding more, but in the end I just went with the original recipe. That made them more messy and I lost a lot of the crumbs, but there was a cohesive bar in there that cut nicely and came out of the pan easily, even without using parchment. (how could I be out of parchment?!)

My other issue was that I read the instructions wrong. It said to rotate halfway through baking, about thirty minutes and for some reason I took that to mean rotate thirty minutes in, then bake another thirty. I realized my mistake about five minutes after rotating so luckily I didn’t ruin my bars.

I have to say, the bars are really tasty and were nothing like my sad bale bar failure. My kid-testers enjoyed them too even though one of them was really disappointed that there was no chocolate involved. He thought ‘date squares’ were cookie bars you made for a date, and would naturally contain chocolate.

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Next up: Wintermint Cake!! This cake is due the same weekend as my birthday, so I think I know what kind of cake I’ll have for my birthday this year!!!