Baked Sunday Mornings: Blood Orange Tiramisu


I decided to make this for dessert when my husband and I were having friends over for dinner. He was making squid ink pasta with mussels and an orange-fennel salad and I thought the orange tiramisu would be perfect.





The recipe says it’s the perfect “make-ahead dessert” so of course I gathered ingredients in the afternoon on the day I needed to serve it after dinner. I was happy to find cara cara oranges but I also grabbed a couple of tangelos too, just because.




The recipe came together quickly and easily and I tossed it in the freezer for an hour and moved it to the fridge for the last five although I should have probably left it mostly in the freezer. Surprisingly, this was my first tiramisu so I wasn’t sure how it would be after chilling for about five hours. I did know that it would be better overnight, but alas…I am a huge procrastinator. It went in the freezer at about 3:30pm and we cut it at around 8:30pm.


The ladyfingers were soft but not completely spongey/soaked through but the flavors were so perfect. It didn’t slice up, of course–we kind of just scooped the soft layers onto plates and within minutes that’s what the plates looked like.



There was only one small slice left and I happily ate it the next morning. It was perfect. The flavors had finished developing and the ladyfingers were soft and delicious.




I had a bit of citrus to use up so I decided to make a marmalade. It was yummy and a nice treat on my toast all week.

I will definitely be adding this to the rotation. My older boys aren’t the biggest fan of citrus desserts but I feel much better serving them orange soaked tiramisu rather than coffee. ( I do value sleep after all!)

Go see what everyone else thought, I have a feeling they loved it too!

Next up: Light and Lemony Jelly Roll with Raspberry Cream Filling. I made this one when we were test baking, but I may make it again anyway, it was a nice one.