Baked Sunday Mornings: Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting


This cake was a big hit in my house. There are five members in my family so having a giant sheet cake around is always a good idea. I am from Texas so there was no way I was skipping this one! I haven’t encountered these cakes often as an adult, though–they were mostly a staple of my youth.


The cake came together easily and I loved that it baked so quickly. The cakes I remember as a kid all had chocolate frosting and usually chopped pecans on top, but the peanut butter frosting tasted exactly like my grandmother’s peanut butter fudge! The one downside was that the amount of peanuts it called for was a lot and for some reason I used them all. I gently pressed them down into the warm frosting so they would stick but I still spent the week sweeping peanuts off of my floors. Next time I’ll definitely just do a light sprinkle.




The frosting fused perfectly and I loved that the yummy peanut butter layer was almost as thick as the cake itself. The frosting coated the cake and kept it moist all week and it was a great after dinner dessert every night for almost the entire school/work week. My big boys requested it for their lunch box dessert a few days as well.


Everyone was sad to see it go and it will definitely be added to our family dessert rotation!

Go see what my baker friends thought about this cake from my home state!

Next Up: Blood Orange Tiramisu!

8 thoughts on “Baked Sunday Mornings: Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

  1. I loved this cake too, but I agree there were probably too many peanuts… I had peanut bits falling off as I cut and served it and it left a lot of peanut debris behind. But the mess was totally worth it!

  2. I love hearing that you grew up eating cakes like this in Texas! This was my second time making one, and I LOVED the peanut butter frosting!

  3. How fun! I lived in Texas for 5 years but since 4 of them were in a dorm (University of Dallas), I don’t remember having this but it is delicious!

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