Lemon Fest 2013 Continues


Last night I crossed off two projects from my baking to-do list. Lemon Pudding Cake and Duke of Earl Cookies.

I used Meyer lemons in both recipes which was why I was trying to do both at once. Plus, the cookie dough needed to chill in the fridge for an hour or so, which is about how long the cake needed to bake for, so it worked out well.

For the cake, I got to set up my first bain-marie and I was excited to see that it worked perfectly. In fact, nothing about that recipe was stressful or difficult. It was a breeze to make and was a great mid-week dessert–and it tasted fantastic. Really, exactly how I was imagining.

It was so nice to dust confectioners’ sugar on top and feel confident that not only was it really pretty, but it was probably going to taste exactly how I thought it should.


The cookies used the zest from the lemons that I used for the cake and was also an easy, straightforward recipe. I followed the recipe exactly, I bought brown rice flour for it. (I had rice flour but not brown rice, but I wanted to get the slightly nutty flavor that the brown rice would provide.

The dough wasn’t at all frustrating–it was simple to roll into a log (unlike my cinnamon rolls 😉 and again I used my brioche pan to support it while it chilled. It made 26 cookies (the recipe said it would make about 40) and after they were through they were round and sparkly (from the superfine sugar) I tasted one and gave one to my sweet husband to taste.

Both of our response? “Good.” Not great–but good. I was looking forward to eating them this morning, but I made the mistake of brewing my customary pot of coffee instead of a pot of tea and I think the dark espresso overpowered the taste of the delicate earl grey cookies.

The rice flour gave it a slightly crumbly texture: like a pecan sandy. I have to admit, I normally prefer giant chewy cookies, but again, these cookies were perfectly delightful and a low-key addition to breakfast. But still…they were missing something.

So what does one do when faced with so-so cookies and leftover, glossy lemon curd and fluffy-sweet lemon vanilla buttercream?

Yes, frosted cookies served with a schmear of curd…

Perfect. And I still have 3 lemons left!!


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