Casual Baking


Tonight my sweet husband made tacos for dinner and after we were through looked around and said ‘anything for dessert?’ I’ve been working lately on expanding my baking techniques and trying to master new skills, but sometimes it’s nice to know I can whip up a quick batch of regular cookies.

I have a lot of tried and true basics that work every time. This time I made a classic chcoolate chip cookie, but added 2 tbs. espresso (ground beans) and a cup of oatmeal.


At the same time I was making the cookies I decided to use up the batch of Mother Dough I had on hand. You’re supposed to use it within 3 days and that would be tomorrow. I had planned to use 1/2 for kimchi/blue cheese croissants but ended up using all of it for cinnamon rolls.

Mother Dough: It’s alive!


As I was rolling out the dough I realized I was going to have to use the whole batch. When I poured the filling over the dough it ran all over the place. I tried not to panic and I used the bench scraper to get runaway filling into a bowl to pour over the rolls tomorrow when I bake them.


I awkwardly and messily rolled the dough and the filling into a cylinder and wrapped it in plastic wrap. It was an oozy tube but luckily I have a baguette pan so I slid it on there and threw it in the freezer.


It took quite a while to clean up everything from dinner, clean up dirty dishes from cookie-making and clean up after my cinnamon roll situation, but there is nothing as satisfying as going to bed with a clean house. I even folded a load of laundry and took out the trash for good measure.

It’s about time for me to check on the cinnamon rolls. If they are firm enough I can slice them and put them in the 13×9 pyrex dish so they can rise one more time. If everything goes well they’ll be ready to throw in the oven in the morning.

Can you believe I’ve never made cinnamon rolls before?


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