Bagel Bombs Part 2


I froze my bacon, scallion and cream cheese plugs for a couple of hours until they were frozen solid. Then I cut my mother dough in half and cut 8 pieces with my bench scraper (first time I’ve used it since I bought it!!!) Each piece was hand-stretched into a 3″ circle then each circle was introduced to a frozen blob of happiness.


It was easy to stretch the dough around the plugs and pinch closed. I smoothed each out so they’d be fairly the same size.


I had just finished this step when my Baby G woke up missing me. My sweet man took over at this point and handled egg wash/bagel mix sprinkling duty. Once they were coated with everything bagel fixins’ then they were popped into the oven for 20 minutes.


While they were baking I made a second round of plugs so I could use up my second half of mother dough and second package of cream cheese. I think these will go quickly. I noticed when I cooked my bacon this time it didn’t make nearly as much grease, so I had less to add to the cream cheese. It blended up much easier and was scoopable right after mixing in the bacon and scallions. I think the first batch had too much grease in them and I could see fat oozing off of them as they cooked.


I have a kooky oven and they took longer than usual to bake (it usually bakes too quickly) and I think part of that was the bacon grease situation. I think the second batch will be a little different.


Holy mother these things were fantastic. I do think round 2 will be even better, but…omg yum. It’s 11pm and all I could think was that I’d love to be on a patio around noon somewhere with one of these and a pitcher of mimosas. It makes me want to hold a brunch at my house….

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