8/8 8th Birthday

This year my boys turn 8 on 8/8…how cool is that?!

Our birthday parties for them have been essentially Halloween parties for the past few years. They love monsters and scary stuff and (even though they haven’t gotten to watch them here) horror movies. They told me that this year they want their theme to be Pyscho Killer.

What this means for me is I’m going to take that idea and dial it wayyyyyyyy down. I don’t want my fellow parents thinking I am raising little axe-murderers who are a bad influence on their littles, and besides–my guys are quite sweet and gentle, despite their bloodier interests.

I found a lot of cool ideas from grown-up Dexter parties (I don’t watch the show but the fact that shows like it exist leaves me no hope that my guys will outgrow their obsession with creepy stuff) and while some of it is either too mature or doesn’t apply, I think I have enough ideas to be able to adapt the general theme to a kids’ party.

What makes a good kid’s party, anyway?
This is what I have figured out thanks to trial and error and from going to lots of kids’ parties.

1. Lots of physical activity. I think we will have it at home this year and our backyard is equipped with a sandbox, swing set and trampoline but we have room for a bouncy inflatable. Since their birthday is in the heat of the summer I found one that has a water slide.


2. Fun crafts for post-playing chillout time or for kids who want a more quiet activity. Also good for filling spaces between playing and eating. Since this is a scary party I think I will have lots of white t-shirts, red splatter paint and fabric markers so kids can make their own blood-splattered t-shirts.

*from Etsy.com

We could also do construction paper Jason masks or Freddy gloves.

3. Yummy treats: (enough “real” food to balance out the sugar) Since our colors here are red and black I thought I would make red velvet cupcakes and red velvet ice cream with dark chocolate cookies for sandwiches or I could make dark chocolate sundae bowls with tartlet pans. Cheese and pepperoni pizza to eat and clearly fruit punch to drink.

20130312-210544.jpg *from polishthestars.com

4. Festive/spooky ambience: Pandora scary music station, red and black balloons, blood-splattered streamers sounds about right….and is super easy/cheap to do.

*From popbetty.com

5. Proper timing: We want to have enough time for the kids to all play and have fun but not too much time to where everyone gets cranky and/or bored. Since we are serving food we should have it at lunch time-ish. Maybe 1-4 or 2-5pm. We also want plenty of daylight but not enough sun to scorch the tender kid-skin. I need to be sure to have lots of bug repellant and sunscreen (natural, of course) on hand.

6. Cool goodie bags: This is a tricky one. For the most part, goodie bags are bags of assorted crap that may make obnoxious sounds and *may* get “accidentally” lost before it makes it into the house. It also may include nasty sugar-laden treats that also need to “mysteriously disappear.” I was thinking I could just make confetti cookies with red and black sprinkles instead of rainbow and send a few home with each kid. They are big and tasty and the grownups will probably eat them when the kids go to bed later that night. 😉

7. Food and beverages for the grownups: Tacos and sangria, anyone?


I think this is going to be a fun party…too bad it’s still so far away! I guess I can get started on my ideas for my honey’s upcoming 38th (!!) birthday. 🙂

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