Meanwhile, back at the Milk Bar…


In the past few weeks since I got the Milk Bar cook book I have been baking like crazy. There is something very satisfying and familiar about Christina Tosi’s book. She is an American pastry chef who really likes blending nostalgic childhood flavors with more sophisticated and unexpected flavor combinations. But all of it is immediately recognizable to me so I have really enjoyed trying out different recipes. I already wrote about the amazing corn cookies, after that I made compost cookies with dark coffee grounds, milk chocolate chips and oatmeal (the were DELISH and kind of reminded me of cowboy cookies)


After that I made cereal milk ice cream from Cap’n Crunch. I rushed the process and tried to spin the batch before my bowl was ready but it made great shakes.




Once I tried ice cream I decided to go crazy and make chocolate-chocolate cookies AND two crack pies at thes same time. The cookies call for a chocolate crumb mix in that has to be made and baked separately before being added to the cookie dough. I have never in my life made baked crumbs. They are fantastic and super versatile:


The finished cookies are dense and super rich, like a perfectly round brownie.


The pies are so fantastic, so much bigger than the sum of their parts. It’s deceptively easy: oat cookie crust with a brown sugar custard filling. But after baking and freezing to set, then thawing for an hour in the fridge the suspense just about kills me. But it’s worth it because the finished product is so delectable. I couldn’t even get a picture of a whole pie because we ate them too fast. The boys told me it was ‘the best pie in the whole universe.’ It’s quite possible. Finished oat cookie, what will later become the crust after it marries a nice fellow named Butter.


Here is the finished product, my filling seems a little different than what she described. I may have defrosted too much in the fridge before serving, but no one complains once they eat it. Seriously. It’s great. And shut up, I know that looks a little like snot.



The recipe calls for a dusting of confectioners’ sugar on top but I skipped it, it really didn’t seem necessary, especially after we tried the first pie.

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