Ice Cream Part 2


I was pretty excited to wake up and make ice cream this morning. While C started breakfast tacos I took the frozen bowl out of the deep freeze (left by the family that just left…it is kind of rocking our world) and stared at the directions trying to figure out how the churning mechanism attached to the motor of the stand mixer. I am not so good with that sort of thing so I had my sweet husband come over and work it out for me.


It was pretty amazing how fast the batter became ice cream. It instantly started thickening and after about half an hour it was good to go. The consistency was exactly like soft-serve custard and it was delicious! Apparently if you take it out of the bowl and freeze it in a container for a few hours it hardens up to regular solid “ice cream” texture but we couldn’t wait that long!!


When I scooped some out for the boys they went nuts…they couldn’t believe we were able to make ice cream so fast. They both (Moomers especially) started chattering about different flavor combinations he wanted to try.


Little G had to get in on the action too…


As soon as the bowl was defrosted enough to wash and refreeze I popped it back in the deep freeze…I have a feeling we’re going to need it soon.


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