There is Always Lipstick


I found this on my nightly Pinterest visit. I love lipstick, I really do. I love wearing makeup so I usually can’t stop with just the lips, but a brand-new lipstick really has the power to thrill me each and every time.

At this point in my life I stick to a particular berry shade that I think looks best with my coloring: dark brown hair and eyes, skin with pink undertones, and I prefer an actual medium-full coverage cream as opposed to a sheer or a gloss or a full matte. My go-tos right now are Sante #5 and Dr. Hauschka #15 (oh, those Germans and their numbered lipsticks!) and Zuzu Luxe Fraise liner. I always feel more like *me* when I have on lipstick.

What is *your* favorite go-to color, the one that makes you feel like *you*?

Brownie Monster

I have been a bit under the weather: runny nose, sneezing, sinus pressure…and so my taste buds have been useless for a few days. On top of that it’s “that time of the month” (TMI) so I’ve been extra depleted. Today has been a bit better cold (?) allergy (?) wise so I am free to indulge my monthly chocolate craving. It feels weird to bake without two of my babies home, but I’ll try 😉 to save them some.

I realized in a panic that we were low on eggs due to the delicious) frittata the Mr. made me this morning before work. I only had two so that meant I had to scramble a bit to find a recipe that didn’t require more. But find one I did and the finished product is cooling on the counter now. Hopefully I can have a bit of restraint so I don’t wind up burning the roof of my mouth.

Stir it up


Counter Craziness


G likes to help


Coarsely Chopped


Baker’s Joy: a gift from the heavens


Chocolate Goodness