Halloween Flashback




























I don’t have my littles this year for the first time EVER. Yes, this is the first time in the history of their lives that I will not be spending it  with them. I have to admit, if I think of it too long I may start to hyperventilate. I do acknowledge that it may not be fair that I have had my guys every Halloween since their dad and I split up three and a half years ago, but in my defense I will tell you that our court order did not recognize Halloween as a holiday so this is the first year it has fallen on his time with them. It was my bad luck that Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, but I’m sure they will have a blast with him. So, since my Halloween this year will not be as rowdy as usual I give to you…Halloweens past, in no particular order.

Can we say…cutest.zombies.ever??? They were four years old here. LeeLee LOVED that hoodie and lost it somewhere. He STILL talks about how much he misses it even though there is no freaking way it would still fit. 

Here is my sweet baby G’s first costume, last year. I almost didn’t dress him up but…I found a costume how-to by favorite evil genius, Martha Stewart and so how could I resist? (I couldn’t decide whether to make the shrimp or the tuna sushi so I made both!)75840_1666001058158_1481242764_1665323_6349247_n

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