Baking at Home

When I saw this adorable journal the other week at Whole Foods I couldn’t wait to get it home and put my recipes in it! I’ve been looking for the perfect way to store my recipes for years. C and I have a binder that we were cramming photocopied recipes in and I still had my plastic index card box but I never could seem to find it when I was ready to bake. It seemed almost every time I’d end up looking up my favorite recipes online to avoid rummaging through my drawers for my recipe box.

So I brought this cute notebook home and gleefully started putting my recipes in it. I realized I really needed to make a sour dough starter. I used to really enjoy making bread and I haven’t made any in years. C got tired of hearing me talk about wanting to make a starter and brought home yeast and milk, so tonight I finally made a fresh starter. I can’t wait to bake some bread!!






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